Customer Support Communications at Partners N Promotion

If there’s anything I’ve loved and learned while working in Customer Support, it is the art of true customer service. I’ve surgically dissected the pieces of customer communications today, and why our communications with customers are the bloodline to any business. Customer Support/Service positions are the front lines of a company, and how they communicate with customers will be the biggest bite a customer will want to chew on. It’s important to leave a great taste in their mouth with the very essence of the company they’re working with.¬†For more on the Anatomy of a Customer Service email, click here.


Below are my snippets and representations of great customer service emails while working at Partners N Promotion. I confidently take pride in my communications with customers, even when they’re upset, or know I have to be the bearer of bad news. I want each customer to have an experience they’ll remember, and I truly understand how vital it is to providing unprecedented customer service. I literally get excited about it!



“Shayne Storey was a Virtual Assistant for my course creation business. She managed the onboarding of clients, my social media acounts, my calendar, and my inbox. I highly recommend her!” Lindsay Padilla CEO at Padilla Consulting, LLC

Lindsay Padilla

“Shayne has been a huge asset to our non-profit organization. As the event planner and social media manager for VegLife Kansas City, Shayne has helped us not only grown our online audience, but provide an offline social experience through weekly and monthly events. She is an an independent worker with an infectious amount of enthusiasm.…

Christie Carter

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