Being a Voice for Animals in Kansas City

Food for Thought, vegan

There are three things I value in life—in my work and freetime—and though I’m not perfect, I do strive to achieve these attributes daily. They include (1) being more than just a listener, (2) clarity, transparency, and integrity, and (3) opportunities that educate and help others.

In my freetime and volunteer work I choose to be a voice for animals. I believe this is an opportunity to educate and help others. I also believe that being a voice for those who cannot speak up for themselves is a noble attribute to human kind.

As a New Media Intern with The Humane League, I have the pleasure and opportunity to be a voice for farm animals daily. I also have the honor of learning from others I admire and look up to in the realm of animal advocacy. Last weekend I had privelage to stand beside some friends in my local Kansas City area and be a voice for horses who unfortunately succumb to the dangers of city life during the holidays.

I’d love to elaborate more on this horse-drawn carriage demonstration that took place, why it made such an impact on us all, and why it occurred in the first place. See my Facebook post below…


What…or Who…do you choose to stand up for? If we don’t stand for something, are we truly living?

Appreciate your time,

Shayne (Storey) Montalvo

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