Remember, Remember The [1st] of November


November 1st is #WorldVeganDay! It’s a day Vegans celebrate being an activist for so many things wrong with the world, yet delight in each other—those who are diligent and hopeful in putting the pieces back together again.

Being vegan is not just about what we eat. It’s about reconnecting. It’s about redirecting our energy towards a better future by protecting the planet, our health, and the animals. We also fight for cleaner water. We fight for world hunger. We fight for human rights. We fight for those subjected to (and the leading causes of) cancer, chronic illness, and other leading diseases.

Just since becoming vegan almost 3 years ago, this lifestyle has grown by 600% or more! Our world is evolving. Our economics are shifting. Our minds are connecting and healing.

On behalf of this day, I just want to finish by saying how grateful I feel to be part of such a community. I’m honored to be interning with an amazing organization. I’m thankful for all my friends and family who are making the connections. I truly find joy in watching their journey.

This is the purpose-driven life I know I was born for. I’m proud to be vegan. I’m humbled helping others make changes in their life. I’m proud to be an activist and abolitionist for the rights and welfare of ALL animals. I’m so grateful to be healthier than I was 3 years ago! I’m thrilled to be a better cook. And I’m so glad I get to leave a smaller carbon footprint.

It’s not our abilities that define us. It’s the choices we make.

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