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“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” —Abraham Lincoln

To begin by saying I’m on quite the adventure right now would be yet another understatement. Peter Pan says that to live would be an awfully good adventure, and he sure is right. My current grind says a lot about the adventure I’m trekking, and what it means for my future.

I really admire the quote above by Abraham Lincoln. It helps me explain my current grind. At the current time I’m sharpening my axe. I’m committing to excellence in my craft and preparing for the slingshot to take wind. Right now I’m a New Media Intern for The Humane League. I have two great passions in my life:

  1. Vegan Outreach/Animal Advocacy
  2. Customer Success + Social Media

I also currently supplement my internship with a couple things, which leads me to this inspirational click of my fingers (or in other words, this blog post).

I’m currently 28 years old. I graduated over 10 years ago! Yea…ugh, now I understand what “time flies” truly means. When I was in high school I felt this, literally, claustrophobic pressure to know what I wanted to do directly after high school. Not only that, but prepare for college. I didn’t even know what the $#%& I wanted to do after high school, so the pressure got to me. Who really actually knows what they want to do for the rest of their life when they’re in high school? I mean, I was just trying to survive high school politics and drama. I didn’t have time, nor knew how, to ponder the essence of the rest of my life.

Fast forward 10 years and here I am. I’ve finally nailed down what I want to do with the rest of my life. I’ve figured out my WHY! So now it’s time to make my ultimate dreams happen.

As I sit here writing this, sipping my red wine, beside open windows filling my home with the first brisk air of fall (and soup in the slow cooker), I feel at peace knowing that I finally freaking know what I’m supposed to do with the rest of my life, and the rest is up to me!

I’ve created a great foundation for my career goals by understanding the very essence of customer service, and how to treat people with kindness and empathy. It wasn’t until three years ago that I wanted to take that knowledge and apply it online, somehow, someway, though I had no idea what was to come, so I sunk my teeth into social media.

I feel like life has been a game of blind-folded hide and seek. I’ve literally spent the last 10 years of my life (and maybe longer than that) feeling for my future blindly, unsure of where to turn, who to listen to, or when to take the blindfold off once I’ve found what I’ve been looking for.

The greatest words of wisdom I’ve obtained thus far is to get around people who have in life what you want most. And I’ve dedicated the last 3 to 5 years of my life doing just that. I’ve become obsessed with obtaining an adventurous and nomadic lifestyle, where I’ve got my career at my fingertips (and laptop), and can work from anywhere I choose. I’ve become obsessed with learning from those who have already accomplished what I’m trying to accomplish. I’ve become obsessed with networking with people across the globe, and always being a part of something greater than myself.

What I’ve found is that no matter how many times I’ve failed, and no matter how many times I’ve tripped over road blocks, had to recuperate from mistakes, or reanalyze what it is I’m actually doing, that because of the world we live in today…because of technology…I can take my skill sets, and my love of helping people, my love of being a voice for animals, and my love of social media, and combine them together. I can [choose] my cake, and eat it too. So can you! There are enough people in this world who want and need what you have to offer.

So that leaves me with my current grind…

My future can go one of two ways. I can combine my love of social media and helping people, and land a paid career being a voice for animals. Or I can combine my love of social media and helping people land a career in a remote startup company such as Buffer, Basecamp, MeetEdgar, or Olark. Either direction my sails point, I am at peace knowing it’s exactly where I’m supposed to be and will align with my core values.

If you’re still here I appreciate you reading this. I’ll leave you with saying that if you envision yourself living a certain way, please do not ever give up. I don’t intend to. Keep fighting and don’t let any naysayers stand in your way. Once you know your purpose in life, and your passion, don’t be afraid to give it away for free and the money will come. Always get around people who have in life what you want for yourself, and always remember to stop and take a look at the 5 people closest to you for you become them, and they become you. Who do you want to be? How do you want to live? What is your message to the world? And what legacy do you want to leave behind? What’s your grind {insert sly wink here}? Sharpen your axe before you start cutting down trees.



Shayne (Storey) Montalvo



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